A New Year, A New Us!

jess fem shirtWelcome to the Women’s Center at UMBC Community Blog! This is a new adventure for the Women’s Center and we are excited about the new opportunities it will create for our community to engage with each other, learn new things, and gain new perspectives.

For those of you have been a part of the community for a while, you may remember the monthly newsletter you received updating you on Women’s Center happenings. Over the course of its history, it evolved from black and white hardcopies, to a Publisher format that included photos, and finally to a pdf version that found itself in your inbox and online over at our myUMBC group page. One of the things I love about UMBC and the Women’s Center is our ability to explore new options, adapt quickly, and find more effective ways to reach out to students, faculty, and staff. There is not the mentality of well, we’ve always done it this way, so this is the way it is. With the creation of myUMBC, there is less need for a newsletter. We have an amazing format to get out event and news items to you on a daily basis. So, more recently the newsletter had become more of a way to share our voices in a personal way and explore current events and perspectives related to feminism and social justice. The only problem was there was never enough space and we could only share once a month. Hence, out with the old newsletter and in with our new blog!

This venue of communication has been envisioned as a Women’s Center community space that will expand on conversations happening in our area, unpack issues showing up for us in our lives and work, and to connect you to the Women’s Center resources, events, and programs. Each staff member has ownership over Women’s Center at UMBC Community Blog so you will see posts from all of us. Additionally, guest bloggers from the Women’s Center Advisory Board and other campus partners will be featured. If you have something you’d like to contribute or an idea for a blog, let us know by emailing us at womens.center@umbc.edu.

Cheers to a fabulous year of learning and growing bought to you by the Women’s Center!


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