Fall 2013 Women’s Center Staff Introductions

Fall 2013 Staff

Fall 2013 Staff

The Women’s Center is excited to have an excellent team of student staff members this year.

Narges Ershad

I am Narges Fekri Ershad, currently a junior and I am majoring in Gender and Women’s studies and Sociology.  I am a first year Resident Assistant this year, a co-leader in Women Involved in Learning and Leadership (WILL), and also the president of Persian Student Association (PSA). I am an active volunteer for a foundation in Iran called “Omid-e-Mehr” Foundation, and they work to empower disadvantage young women in Iran. I have visited the center in Iran two times and worked closely with the girls in and outside of the center. Working with them and working toward the goal of the foundation is one of my passions.  I am interested in equality of gender, human rights, and so many other topics.  This is my first year working at Women’s Center, and I am hoping to meet new people, bring new ideas to center, and learn about various topics.

Michael Fell

My name is Michael Fell, and I am a senior Psychology major.  I am interested in issues relating to the development of healthy masculinities and I’ll be working with Rebuilding Manhood, our 11-week men’s discussion group, in an effort to create a safe space for male-identified students to discuss what this means.  I am very excited to be a part of this great opportunity, and am looking forward to helping out with other areas of programming in the Women’s Center as well.  I feel lucky that I am able to work in a space that is welcoming and comfortable for so many UMBC students, and where such a variety of interesting, thought-provoking conversations take place.

Emily Krause

Hi! My name is Emily Krause and I am a senior at River Hill High School in Howard County. This year I am interning at the Women’s Center, focusing on both day/child care and sexual assault. As a senior I am trying to figure out what I am doing with the rest of my life, and I welcome any and all advice. At the moment, my main career goal is to work in public health, but I’m known to change my mind every week. I am a ballet dancer, beginner cook, yogi, tea-drinker, and avid poker player. Look for me Tuesday and Thursday afternoons!

Alina Lightchaser

My name is Alina Lightchaser. I am proud and honored to be a part of the Women’s Center student staff. I am a non-traditional student, in my junior year, majoring in psychology and minoring in management of aging services. I am also a mother of three beautiful daughters. I have been a children’s music entertainer and teacher for the past 9 years and have played hundreds of shows and taught at two preschools all around Baltimore City, where I reside. My love and pursuit for psychology developed from the observation that human behavior is a macrocosm of mystery, enchantment and variety; always exciting and stimulating, awaiting discovery!

Kelly Martin Broderick

Hey! I am Kelly and I am a senior studying Gender & Women’s Studies.  This is my second year working at the Women’s Center, last year I was an Honors College Intern and had such a great time working in the Center I came back as a student staff member!  I’m a co-leader of WILL (Women Involved in Learning & Leadership) and also a Transfer & Established Student Leader for the Honors College.  This year, I am working on the brand new Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program we have developed for the Women’s Centers Returning Woman Community. I am excited to see the group grow as a community!

Amelia Meman

As of now, introductions are at the forefront of my mind. With the  the advent of a new semester and the influx of new people in my life, I am constantly spewing out the same old spiel about how I am a transfer student from art school, how I don’t actually know whether to consider myself a sophomore or a junior, and the same self-deprecating joke about how I decided to pursue women’s studies for the money. While knowing the facts about my life is all well and good, I figured a quick and much more interesting breakdown of who I am would be a little easier to digest. Here we go:

  • My name is Amelia Meman.
  • I am the Women’s Center’s Grants and Marketing Intern! I can be seen at the Women’s Center researching programs and grants, talking with my super stellar colleagues and bosses, and typing furiously on a very noisy keyboard.
  • I am the only child of really rad and supportive parents who always listen to my political anger with open ears.
  • I enjoy quiet nights with a couple of friends watching Bob’s Burgers or playing the newest board game or just reading comics and eating cookie dough.
  • I really do not like (read: loathe) mascots, Santa Clause impersonators, Easter Bunnys or anybody in a full body costume; it’s nothing against the people inside, really.
  • My birthday is a palindrome.
  • Right now, I am really into narrative-heavy video games like The Walking Dead and L.A. Noire.
  • I love staying up to date on pop culture.
  • At the same time, no, I have not ever actually listened to “Blurred Lines”.
  • Current favorite musical artists: Marina & The Diamonds, Azealia Banks, M.I.A., Tegan and Sara, Flight of the Conchords, Glen Hansard, and Cole Porter.
  • I love having deep conversations about women’s studies, and queer studies, but I’m generally open to talking about anything.
  • I have a cat named Yohsimi, and if you understand that reference, major kudos!
  • I am partial to using ellipses, because they signify, to me at least, that I’m thinking…
  • Rainbow sprinkle donuts are the way to my heart.

So if you see me in the center, please come say hello, and maybe talk with me about cats and feminism, or something!

Madison Miller

Hello! My name is Madison, and I am currently a senior studying Psychology and Elementary Education here at UMBC. I started working at the Women’s Center during the fall semester of my junior year, and since then I have come to love everything that the Center offers at UMBC. The Women’s Center has given me so many enriching opportunities to interact with and learn from diverse walks of life, and it has taught me to use my own privileges to stand up for those who may not have a voice. Additionally, the Center has allowed me to further explore and develop both my own passions and my voice as a leader on campus. In addition to working at the Women’s Center, I am also employed as a Resident Assistant in Erickson Hall, a Summer Conference Manager, and an Undergraduate Research Assistant. After graduating from UMBC, I either hope to begin teaching in a high need school or enroll in a graduate program to study School Psychology. I am excited to return to the Center as a student staff member this semester, and I am looking forward to all of the programs that the Center will be hosting this semester!


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