Calling out to all women over 25 returning to college with 60 acquired credits. It’s scholarship time! What a wonderful thing! The scholarships this year have been streamlined into one form. That means three scholarships – The Bryson-Neville, The Charlotte Newcombe, and  The AEGON– will all be accessible through one application! What terrific news!

Being an AEGON scholar has vastly changed my life. First of all, I have never received such a gift like this in my life. I am a single mother of three children and the cost of living is expensive. I began school to better my prospects, achieve my dreams, and teach my children that working hard and doing well is the key to a good life. Through my 35 years worth of experience, I have decided that higher education is the best road for humanity. It is the road to peace, tolerance, equality and compassion. While higher education constantly expands one’s mind and demands a great sacrifice of one’s time, the struggle and the commitment to follow through is priceless. Here we grow, we change, we share, we exchange, we bond, we exist and carry on through the hard times and celebrate our accomplishments. There may be different majors, but in reality, there is no division. We co-exist together, no judgments, no adversity, we are a university. A universal city.

AEGON taught me that there are forces who want to see me succeed. I must be on the right path. God knows I’ve been down so many roads. Somebody, I’ve never even met, believes in me. That is powerful. With fresh, sweet wind at my sails, I’m propelled into the future knowing that I’ve been chosen for this award. Therefore, I have a responsibility not only to myself and my family, but now to the world to follow through with my vision. The motivation is stronger, the will to succeed is greater, and it feels awesome!

REMEMBER: Scholarship applications are due April 4, 2014! Good luck!


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