Daniel Willey Staff Intro

My name’s Daniel and this is my second year at UMBC. I’m a Gender and Women’s Studies major and I am the new Rebuilding Manhood peer facilitator here at The Women’s Center. When I’m not watching Netflix documentaries about oceans, I am the Outreach Coordinator for Freedom Alliance, Student Representative for the LGBT Campus Climate Workgroup, member of the Queer Leadership Council, and knitter extraordinaire. You will often find me with a fiber craft in my backpack. Feel free to ask me about it because I’m probably very excited. I strongly dislike wearing pants. I love cats.

As the only male-identified staff member this semester, I often think about my place here at The Women’s Center and the dynamics of privilege that go into being a white, queer man in a women-focused space. I came from a small, rural town in Western Maryland, so coming to UMBC was quite the culture shock. I went from being the only out student at my high school to being surrounded by queer students, faculty, and staff who actively take roles in bettering the queer community. Immersing myself in an environment filled people who are involved in critical thought and feminist activism has caused me to think more critically about who I am and the world in which I live. I’ve already changed dramatically from who I was a year ago as a freshman and I look forward to this experience and the ways I can continue learn and grow from this diverse community.

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