Meet the 2014-15 Women’s Center Staff!

Amelia Meman and Daniel Willey already introduced themselves, so now it’s time to meet the rest of the 2014-15 Women’s Center staff!

Amelia M

Amelia Meman


Bria Hamlet

Bria Hamlet
Bria! 21. African-American. Ciswoman. Feminist. Blogger. Advocate. College Student. Spirit Animal: Elephant. WoCC Prez. YWOCLC Member. Peer Health Educator. Sexpert. 100% Pro-Choice. Makeup Fanatic. Coffee Drinker. Cat Lover. Just a Lover in General.

Madison Miller:
Hello! My name is Madison, and I am currently a senior studying Psychology and Elementary Education. I first began working at the Women’s Center in the fall of 2012, and since then I have come to deeply appreciate everything the Center offers to students at UMBC. My involvement with the Women’s Center has provided me with many enriching opportunities that have enabled me to use my privileges to help others and to further develop my unique leadership style. In addition to working at the center, I am also employed within Residential Life as a Resident Assistant (RA) in the apartments and a Summer Conference Manager. This semester I will also be student teaching at Halethorpe Elementary in Baltimore County. After graduating from UMBC, I hope to begin teaching in a high needs elementary school or enroll in a graduate program to study school psychology. I am excited to return to the Women’s Center as a student staff member this semester, and I can’t wait to start working with several of the programs that we will be hosting this semester. If you find yourself in the Center on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings, feel free to say hi to me!


Madison Miller


Kelly Martin Broderick

Kelly Martin Broderick:
Hey! I am Kelly and I am a senior studying Gender & Women’s Studies. This is my third year working at the Women’s Center and my last semester at UMBC. I also work part-time as a Sex Educator at Sugar in Hampden. This year, I’m excited to continue our discussions on sex positive topics, so keep an eye out for those! The first one will be in October and we will be talking about relationship alternatives to monogamy. Hope to see you there!

Ty Philip:
I’m Ty, and I am a new student staff member at the Women’s Center. I am interning at the Center through the GWST department, and am already in love with the job. I have a passion for critical thought and social action, and I know that the Center will give me a space to engage in both outside of my academics. Currently, I am a super senior GWST major with a writing minor, President of Freedom Alliance, and am also employed by the Graduate School office on campus. It may sound like a lot, and I know that it is, but I’m excited to push myself this semester and see just what I can do. I spend almost all of my free time reading books, watching tv and movies, and hanging out with my friends. I also love food. A lot. To the point that I spend a majority of my extra money on it. I eat a lot of unhealthy things because they’re cheap, easy, and I have no self-control, but I actually really love fresh, healthy, organic food and try to incorporate as much of it into my diet as I can. My favorite things to cook are breakfast food, dessert, and lasagna, but I will eat almost anything that looks or sounds good to me. I really don’t like chocolate but I like chocolate bars (with things in them), I hate loose corn but enjoy corn on the cob, and I think that ketchup is the most boring condiment ever but I use it all the time. Apparently, I also spend a lot of time thinking and writing about food, too. If you see me, come say hi and let’s talk about food (but probably actually social justice).


Yoo-Jin Kang

Yoo-Jin Kang:
Hi! My name is Yoo-Jin Kang and I am a senior studying Language and Cultural Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies, focusing on the psychosocial and cultural perspectives on violence. After graduating I hope to find a career where I am able as a voice for underrepresented and minority groups in hopes of assisting to have their voices heard in our national dialogue and in our daily lives. On campus you might see me through various groups like the Relationship violence prevention advocates group, the Peer Health Educators, and Phi Mu Fraternity for Women. In my spare time I love to read, vegan bake, practice yoga, and write. I’m super excited for this year and am looking forward to all of the amazing events and initiatives that the center will be holding! Feel free to reach out, I love a good conversation and an opportunity to learn.

That’s me… post squishy face.

That’s me… post squishy face.

Jess Myers, M.S., Women’s Center Director: 
In her college admissions essay, my best friend started her opening paragraph with, “I came into this world tap dancing and laughing.” That line has always stuck with me. The image of a newborn tap dancing and laughing as her first action in this world amuses me and I also believe it’s an image that uniquely captures the spirit and energy of my best friend. In fact, I guess you might say I’m a bit jealous. In looking at pictures of my first day here on earth, I usually just think, “I came into this world unsure and with a squishy face.” Fortunately, I didn’t let my first interaction with the world set the tone for the rest of my life…

My best friend and me at college graduation.

My best friend and me at college graduation.

I’m lucky to have been born to a fiercely independent woman who has spent her years as my mother reminding me that being a woman should never be a deficit – even if the rest of the world tells you so. I attended an all-girls high school that shaped by concept of leadership and provided me with a voice I was allowed to use. In college, I always questioned why I wasn’t afforded the opportunity to take women’s studies courses, and in fact, took the only 1-credit course that was ever offered in my department on women’s issues where I had the chance to finally get my hands on bell hooksFeminism is for Everybody. And, in the meantime, I supplemented my learning with hours of listening to Ani Difranco, Melissa Ferrick, Dar Williams, Indigo Girls, and more. As an RA during move-in day, I questioned why the two wimpiest guys were asked to move a heavy table when I, someone who worked out every day and could kick some butt, was rendered invisible. I was labeled as a feminist from that point on and that was certainly fine by me. I attended my first city-sponsored Take Back the Night in college where it rained the whole time, matching how my heart felt in that moment. I spent a year living in Jamaica and have been unpacking my white privilege ever since. I’ve been a hall director at an all-female college and finally had a chance to be a part of my first women’s studies 101 in grad school as a TA. Leslie Knope has made me consider running for elected-office one day and I cried on the night Heather Mizuer lost her bid to become Maryland’s first female and openly gay governor. My bed-side table always has at least a few books from the Women’s Center’s lending library on it – there’s never enough time to keep reading all the books I never knew about even while growing up feminist especially while I also nourish my not-so-secret-obsession for young adult novels featuring strong female leads.

Best of all, I have my dream job as the director of the Women’s Center at UMBC and I love coming to work every day…

Truly… the best job ever.

Truly… the best job ever.

Megan Tagle Adams, M.A., Women’s Center Coordinator

Megan on the phone

Jess included a throwback photo, so why not?

I can hardly believe that it was a year ago that I was first introducing myself to the Women’s Center community as the new coordinator for the Center. This past year has been both challenging and rewarding and I’m incredibly proud to have been involved in developing and expanding our intersectional feminist programming. Forming the Women of Color Coalition and launching the Critical Social Justice initiative are two projects that I think are particularly salient as reflections of my own feminist politics and as indications of the Women’s Center’s commitment to advocacy, education, and support.

Bringing feminist rants to UMBC since July 2013.

Despite having a bitchy resting face (or so I’ve been told…repeatedly), I really enjoy getting to know our Women’s Center community members and having engaging conversations about various feminist issues. I’m excited to see what this year will bring as I grow alongside the Center in learning new ways to facilitate social justice work within the UMBC community.

Oh, Leslie.

Oh, Leslie.

My feelings on our all-star Women’s Center staff.


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