Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2015: Event Calendar

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Check out the UMBC calendar of events and save the dates!

UMBC Insights Weekly

sexual_assault_awareness_monthApril is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Every two minutes, someone in America is sexually assaulted. 1 in 5 college women experience a sexual assault. 95% of college-aged victims know their attacker.

These are just a few statistics to highlight why this month of awareness is so very important for our campus and our greater community. We have several events this April that will honor the voices and experiences of survivors of sexual assault. Additionally, there are events that will seek to raise awareness about sexual assault and the importance of effective consent.

Please feel free to download our event calendar, mark your calendar with the events you plan on attending, and share the word with other students, staff, and faculty.

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault: Cultivating a Survivor-Responsive Campus Workshop (All workshops are in the Women’s Center)

  • Wednesday, April 8th from 12-1pm for UMBC students
  • Monday, April 13th…

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