Slaying on the Weekly

michael-headshot A weekly round-up currated by Women’s Center staff member, Michael Jalloh Jamboria

This week, my good friend came into the Women’s Center to chat. She mentioned how I ‘slayed on the daily’, her words, not mine. In the spirit of my friend, every week I will be bringing you some interesting, funny or thought-provoking content from the internet! Be sure to join us next week for more and continue to slay! This week’s articles:

Protestors of the North Dakota Pipeline Project finally have some good news as the Departments of Justice, Interior and the Army issued a temporary halt in the continuation of the project!

Saturday Night Live finally has a Latina cast member. Hmm…it only took 41 years of being on the air. Welcome Melissa Villasenor to the cast! Also, check out the Women’s Center Blog post on some other seriously funny women.

While Donald Trump was getting ready for his appearances in Baltimore to address the National Guard, People’s Power Assembly was gearing up to protest the convention.

The women on the white house staff have been using the strategy of “amplifying” to combat mansplaining on the job. Check them out!!

Finally, the Women’s Center turned 25 this week! Check out Women’s Center 25th Anniversary Playlist!



Women Center Staff members in the Birthday Party photo booth




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