Slaying on the Weekly: Who Runs the World? It’s no secret!

A weekly round-up curated by Women’s Center staff member, Michael Jalloh Jamboria

In the spirit of my friend, who gave us the glorious name ‘Slaying on the Weekly’, every week I will be bringing you some interesting, funny or thought-provoking content from the internet! Be sure to join us next week for more and continue to slay!

Happy Women’s History Month! Join us in celebrating women, their lives, their stories and their resistance.

  • USA Today released a list of 31 kickass women and their contributions to society! Celebrate a woman everyday this month!
  • Be sure to check out the Women’s Center’s Women’s History Calendar. There are great events and opportunities this month! Hope to see you some of the events!
  • Loretta Ross is coming!! Join us on March 8th at 6pm for educator and activist  Loretta Ross’ keynote about “Women’s Rights as Human Rights”.  This is also the same day as the Women’s Strike. Are you participating? Stop by the Keynote to learn while you strike!
  • Who is Loretta Ross, you ask? Ross is a Human and women’s rights activist. She co-founded and served as National Coordinator of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective. She shares her story to empower women everywhere and we are so excited to welcome Loretta Ross to UMBC.
  • What is Elect Her? Elect Her is the only program in the country that encourages and trains college women to run for student government and future political office. Join us for the Elect Her workshop on March 11th! I’ll be there, be sure to register online!
  • Do you find yourself asking, “How can I bring myself into more racial and social justice oriented discourse?” Me too! The Sociology Dept. is hosting a new program, the Race and Equity Scholars Program. The first meeting is Wednesday March 8th, 12pm in Public Policy 203. See you there!
  • Huffington Post has a great article, reminding us that Women’s History is Happening Now!!
  • In case you needed it, this is your weekly reminder to stay on top of politics, question everything and resist. It’s difficult but your work helpsus create a better future. Take a break from the TV and check out What the F*** Just Happened Today?, a chronicle of policy and decisions being made through the current presidency.
  • Need some light feminist reading? Check out “8 Times Muslim Women were Badass Throughout History“!

Did you know that the Women’s Center has a Facebook page? Did you know that we just hit 1,000 likes??!! Follow us for updates on Women’s Center events!!

The title of this Slaying in the Weekly was Beyonce themed and so, I would be doing you a  disservice by ending this week without our kickass Women’s Empowerment playlist with some Beyonce!



See you here, next week! Same place, same time! Stay safe and continue to slay!


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