Meet our Fall 2020 Student Staff

Arifat Ola-Dauda (She/Her)

Hello Everyone, my name is Arifat Ola-Dauda. I am a double major in Social Work and Political Science here at UMBC. I’ll be working in the women’s center this year for my Social Work field Placement. I am very passionate about social justice, and the issues that are currently affecting America’s minorities. When I am not doing schoolwork or with the women’s center, you will find me reading a book or on Netflix. Looking forward to a great year with everyone, despite the current circumstances. 

Kaitlyn Kylus (She/Her)

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn and I’m a Senior majoring in Social Work with a minor in Psychology. Hopefully I will be continuing on to grad school next year at UMB School of Social Work. I’m passionate about supporting survivors of sexual and power based violence, and am the current Vice President of We Believe You. I’m super excited to be working at the Women’s Center again this year and can’t wait to meet you all!

Some fun facts about me are that I’m a pisces sun with a libra moon and rising, but I only kinda know what that means. In my spare time you can catch me embroidering, re-reading books I loved in middle school, or taking a nap

Nandi Cook-Creek (She/Her)

Hi! My name is Nandi. I am a Senior English major and student staff member here at the Women’s Center. I’ll be co-facilitating our Women of Color Collective and We Believe You discussion groups, and I love being in community with you all more than anything at UMBC!

In my free time I like writing poetry, drinking tea, and watching anything animated. 

Carol Canales (She/Her)

Hi everyone! My name is Carol and I am currently a senior majoring in Financial Economics with a minor in Political Science. This is my first year as a Women’s Center Staff member, and I am very excited to build relationships with so many communities! 

I am also a member of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. and We Believe You on campus. On a personal note, I love going on nature walks, playing volleyball, sketching and journaling. My favorite shows to watch range from HGTV shows to the Avatar franchise. During my time at the Women’s Center, I hope to empower women of all backgrounds by working on the Women of Color Coalition programs. I’m excited to develop my skills and knowledge while working at such an awesome place. I cannot wait to work more closely with students, faculty, and the WC team.

Autumn Cook (She/They)portrait of the author

Hey, everyone! I am a senior Meyerhoff Scholar (M29), Honors College member pursuing a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Gender, Women and Sexuality studies and currently a student staff member at the Women’s Center. After I graduate, I hope to pursue a PhD in inorganic chemistry and materials science and become the first transgender person in space! This semester, I will be co-facilitating Spectrum, the Women’s Center’s discussion group for transgender and nonbinary individuals. While I am not working, I enjoy playing ultimate, spending time enjoying video games, and creating cosplays using my 3D printers.  

Sandra Crespin-Melgar (She/Her)

Hello! My name is Sandra and I am a senior majoring in Social Work with a minor is Psychology. I am also a Returning Woman Scholar and the President for Phi Alpha National Social Work Honor Society at the UMBC-Shady Grove Campus. This academic year, I am thrilled to be a student staff intern completing my field placement at the Women’s Center. I will be assisting with the Returning Women Scholars & Affiliates Program! As an adult learner, I have learned the importance of creating and cultivating relationships with students and staff members. Therefore, I cannot wait to “meet” everyone this year!

Other fun facts:

I love sloths!

I have a shih tzu named Luna.

I love crime podcasts/shows.

I am bi-bilingual (English and Spanish).

I am a first-generation college student/adult learner.

I am also vegetarian/vegan (I love animals!).

My ultimate favorite shows are Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra (I also love the comics and novels).

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