Women’s Center “This or That” Fall 2021 Scouts: Let the Challenge Begin!

“How can I join the Women’s Center?”

Well . . .

Do you hang out in our lounge? Do you come to our events? Do you read our blog or chat with our staff? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then congratulations! You are a part of the Women’s Center.

Image is a gif featuring a person with two yellow ponytails clapping her hands and opening her mouth saying "Well done!"

But we understand the feeling of being a part of something special. Showing your loyalty and commitment to a cause is empowering. Finding home and belonging in a space that means something to you, means something to us.

So, now, you can “join” the Women’s Center by being one of our fearless and loyal Scouts! 

Gif featuring four women dressed in purple girl scout clothes. One of the women who has blond hair is saying "I am a Goddess, a glorious female warrior."

The Women’s Center Scouts program began several years ago in the spirit of the Pawnee Goddesses created by our friend Leslie Knope. Maybe you’ve also heard of the Girl Scouts? Radical Monarchs? Or Lumberjanes? Our Scouts program is kind of like that. Nonetheless, there are Women’s Center badges out there waiting to be earned!

Gif featuring a little boy wearing a baseball cap with the lettering "Pawnee Rangers" saying "I want to become a Pawnee Goddess."

Here’s the deal. To become a Women’s Center Scout, participate in our “This or That Scout Challenge!” Each Scout must meet the challenge by completing a set of 4 different challenges outlined by the Women’s Center throughout the fall semester. The challenges include:  

  • 1. Follow us on social media @womenscenterumbc on Twitter, Instagram, & on myUMBC!
    • If you’re already a member and following one of our pages, great! You’re one step closer. After following us, comment/reply to one of our posts…
  • 2. Spend time in the Women’s Center!
    • Bring a friend to the Women’s Center and give them a tour!
    • OR go to one of our discussion group meetings! (Learn more by visiting our myUMBC page and visiting our discussion-based groups’ page)

Any UMBC community member who completes the challenge by December 1st gets a Women’s Center T-shirt and a shout-out on our social media pages!

Photo of 2 people holding the top end or top bottom of the t-shirts they are wearing. Both are wearing the same t-shirt that is black and gold. 2 cats and 2 dogs are framing a  quote in the middle of the shirt.
Wear your Women’s Center t-shirt with pride. Jess and Ojus are showcasing this year’s Women’s Center t-shirt!

All UMBC students, faculty, and staff are welcome to participate! Stop by the Women’s Center beginning Monday, September 27th to claim your Scout’s Card and get to work!

Gif featuring Pikachu (a yellow rodent with a tail shaped like lightning and long ears with black tips at the end) in a traditional Japanese Kimono waving two fans while performing a cheering dance.

For questions, stop by the Women’s Center or email us at womenscenter@umbc.edu.

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