What makes a Feminist Quote? Call for submissions!!!

A call for submissions by staff member Daniel Willey     One of my tasks at the Women’s Center is to make a Facebook post every Friday for Feminist Quote Friday. You’d think being surrounded by books written by feminists and activists would make it easy to come up with a quote to use each week, but… Continue reading What makes a Feminist Quote? Call for submissions!!!

Why is the Women’s Center Hosting an Overdose Response Training?

Today, the Women’s Center and University Health Services will host an Overdose Response Training. The training is run by the Baltimore City Health Department and it teaches individuals how to respond to opioid overdose and gives them the tools needed to reverse the effects of opioid overdose. Each attendee will be certified to administer Naloxone (or… Continue reading Why is the Women’s Center Hosting an Overdose Response Training?

What Happened to the “Working” in International Working Women’s Day?

 A post by staff member Daniel Willey Wednesday, March 8th marked International Working Women’s Day and the Women’s Strike, or the Day Without Women. On that day, women were encouraged to not work or shop and wear red in solidarity as a way of protesting inequality and showing women’s economic impact.   But, International Working… Continue reading What Happened to the “Working” in International Working Women’s Day?

2016, The Tower, and Diving Head First Into The Unknown

 An end-of-year reflection from staff member Daniel I am far from the first and will certainly not be the last person to say this year has been… quite a time. In the last 362 and counting days, bad things have been happening all around the world . And like, bad things have always and will… Continue reading 2016, The Tower, and Diving Head First Into The Unknown

Our Mothers

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. Today we mourn the loss of our trans siblings to violence and celebrate their lives, bravery, and accomplishments. Today we honor our elders and those who paved the way before us. Today we use our mouths to speak the voices that have been silenced. Below is a collection of… Continue reading Our Mothers

Healing My Community

 A reflection by Women's Center staff member Daniel Trigger warning for suicide mention; resources at the bottom of the post My community experienced a tragedy early this October, and the ripples from the impact are still cascading across campus and beyond. I woke up that morning to several messages from friends and coworkers telling me… Continue reading Healing My Community

Revisiting Male Privilege

A Women's Center Blog post and reflection by student staff member Daniel On September 22, 2014, I published my first Women’s Center blog post, titled “Male Privilege in Women’s Spaces.”  In it I shared my anxieties about joining the Women’s Center staff and reflected on my male privilege. I thought about what my role or… Continue reading Revisiting Male Privilege

We Hosted an Event About Masculinity and Sexual Assault and Nobody Came

 A blog post and reflection by staff member Daniel Willey The following post contains mentions of rape and sexual assault. Hyperlinks marked with * indicate that the article contains detailed accounts of assault in some form. This past April during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Women’s Center hosted an program called “What About the Men?” The… Continue reading We Hosted an Event About Masculinity and Sexual Assault and Nobody Came

Treat Your Body Lovingly: A Twelve-Step Program

A Women's Center blog post by staff member Daniel Willey  Note: I hope what I've learned can be applicable to other people, but I know my experience isn't universal. I use a lot of action verbs in my post, but I don't intend to make assumptions about what a body can do. I encourage readers to challenge… Continue reading Treat Your Body Lovingly: A Twelve-Step Program

CWIT Spotlight: Elyse Hill

March is Women’s History Month! Three  years ago Women’s History Month’s national theme was "Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination: Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics." The theme honored generations of women who throughout American history have used their intelligence, imagination, sense of wonder, and tenacity to make extraordinary contributions to the STEM fields.… Continue reading CWIT Spotlight: Elyse Hill