No, You’re Not “So OCD”

 Harini is a student staff member at the Women's Center and is also the co-facilitator of Between Women.   You have entered a chat with: Friend 1 message from: Friend Did you hear what happened in class today?   1 message to: Friend Yes! That girl just had a complete breakdown during her final, I… Continue reading No, You’re Not “So OCD”

Bikes, Haircuts, & Lenses: the Fluidity of Intersectional Feminism

Harini Narayan is a Student Staff member at the Women's Center. She is an MLLI major and is currently a co-facilitator of the Women's Center's discussion groups, Between Women.      The lyrics, “I am woman, hear me roar!,” made history thanks to singer Helen Reddy, lending an amazingly catchy slogan to the movement of… Continue reading Bikes, Haircuts, & Lenses: the Fluidity of Intersectional Feminism

The Danger of Not Being Like “Other Girls”

 Harini Narayan is a student intern at the Women's Center. My childhood was marked by internal conflict. I struggled to understand my ethnic identity and sexual orientation, all the while facing the usual struggles of adolescence. In intermediate school, I was a self-declared tomboy and made friends mostly with the boys in my class. I… Continue reading The Danger of Not Being Like “Other Girls”

Take Back the Night 2018 Roundup!

On April 12th 2017, UMBC hosted Take Back the Night. The night began with an introduction by the emcees and march leaders, Morgan, Ellie, and Autumn, and Women’s Center staff member, Samiksha. Photo credit: Jaedon Huie After the introduction was the survivor speak-out. The speak-out is the heart and soul of Take Back the Night.… Continue reading Take Back the Night 2018 Roundup!

Stop Wearing My Clothes

   Educating yourself and being yourself: the dangers of cultural appropriation by Harini, a student intern.  I was the only brown kid at my school until ninth grade. Growing up in a town I once described as “never realized the Union won the Civil War,” it was no surprise that all my friends were white.… Continue reading Stop Wearing My Clothes