Blackish: Telling My Story

I am reclaiming my blackness. It's been taken, twisted, and transformed into something I no longer recognized. It was deemed less than by the black kids, less than by the white kids, and left me navigating a space with an identity invalid. My mom and I had a long "discussion" about the term Blackish. This began… Continue reading Blackish: Telling My Story

My Click Moment

A post written by Women's Center staff member, Bria   My click moment was progressive. It proceeded slowly, with caution, and then consumed me. For as long as it has been relevant, I’ve believed in autonomy. I didn’t have the word for it in 7th grade, but I knew that I was never obligated to… Continue reading My Click Moment

Purple Pride: Where NFL Fandom & Domestic Violence Collide

We bond over our black and purple; we reflect in pride over our 2013 Super Bowl win. We wait eagerly for football season to arrive and to celebrate our amazing athletes. We love our Ravens – and we should hold them accountable for both the good and bad that they do in our community. This past… Continue reading Purple Pride: Where NFL Fandom & Domestic Violence Collide