Cishets at the End of the World

  Nandi is a senior English major and student staff member. Content Note: This post was written by a cishet woman after reading, thinking, and reading some more. I hope, more than anything, that it sparks a bigger conversation in the Women’s Center community. There are references and comparisons to being institutionalized. I recognize the… Continue reading Cishets at the End of the World

RVAM: Self-Guided Learning Week 3 (Oct 19)

Image of the Power and Control Wheel for the LGBTQ community

Relationship Violence Awareness Month (RVAM) brings people together to create and generate discussion and skill-building on how to prevent relationship violence in our schools, workplaces, and communities. While providing support and care to survivors of relationship violence is an everyday action, this awareness month also carves out intentional moments to honor and believe survivors’ stories… Continue reading RVAM: Self-Guided Learning Week 3 (Oct 19)

How to Trick Yourself Into Thinking You’ve Remodeled Your Home

Nandi Cook-Creek is a Senior English major and Student Staff at the Women's Center. Content Note: I wrote this as an able-bodied, neurotypical person who lives in an urban area. To all who cannot relate to this, I mean to say that you are worthy of all the aspirations you have for yourself, however you… Continue reading How to Trick Yourself Into Thinking You’ve Remodeled Your Home

Meet our Fall 2020 Student Staff

Arifat Ola-Dauda (She/Her) Hello Everyone, my name is Arifat Ola-Dauda. I am a double major in Social Work and Political Science here at UMBC. I’ll be working in the women’s center this year for my Social Work field Placement. I am very passionate about social justice, and the issues that are currently affecting America’s minorities.… Continue reading Meet our Fall 2020 Student Staff

Intro to Hoodoo

Nandi is a Junior English Major and a student staff member in the Women's Center. Content Note: This blog is written from an African-American woman’s experience and somewhat limited knowledge of the subject. Hoodoo is an African American folk magic tradition that is based in West African religious beliefs and practices. Much of the history… Continue reading Intro to Hoodoo

FEMINIST KILLJOY ALERT: Stop Making Fun of Black and Brown Girls

Nandi is a Junior, English major, student staff at the Women's Center, and member of the Retriever Poets slam poetry team (Still from Girlhood (2014))   Picture this: It is 7:25AM in your high school. You are a student there again (I know, bare with me). You are barely awake, as is the natural order… Continue reading FEMINIST KILLJOY ALERT: Stop Making Fun of Black and Brown Girls