Do Better: From A Non-Disabled Person’s Perspective

My hopes are that the following is both a call out and a call in. I am a non-disabled, white, college-educated, young adult and I’ve had a difficult time vouching for myself in many environments such as in the classroom, workforce, and even day to day moments in life. I am among a majority privileged… Continue reading Do Better: From A Non-Disabled Person’s Perspective

No, You’re Not “So OCD”

 Harini is a student staff member at the Women's Center and is also the co-facilitator of Between Women.   You have entered a chat with: Friend 1 message from: Friend Did you hear what happened in class today?   1 message to: Friend Yes! That girl just had a complete breakdown during her final, I… Continue reading No, You’re Not “So OCD”

Why is the Women’s Center Hosting an Overdose Response Training?

Today, the Women’s Center and University Health Services will host an Overdose Response Training. The training is run by the Baltimore City Health Department and it teaches individuals how to respond to opioid overdose and gives them the tools needed to reverse the effects of opioid overdose. Each attendee will be certified to administer Naloxone (or… Continue reading Why is the Women’s Center Hosting an Overdose Response Training?

Healing My Community

 A reflection by Women's Center staff member Daniel Trigger warning for suicide mention; resources at the bottom of the post My community experienced a tragedy early this October, and the ripples from the impact are still cascading across campus and beyond. I woke up that morning to several messages from friends and coworkers telling me… Continue reading Healing My Community

Why do Disability Issues Matter?

Women's Center intern Prachi Kochar discusses the importance of disability in relation to many important issues that are going on today, such as police brutality and the 2016 presidential election. Rather than have disability be an afterthought, it should be brought to the forefront of our discussions about social justice issues.  In conversations about social… Continue reading Why do Disability Issues Matter?

Across Worlds and Identities: The Spaces in Between

A reflection by Women's Center staff member Prachi Kochar on identity and "fitting in". How do we navigate identities that can fit into multiple categories of nationality, ability, race, etc. at once? Or identities that do not perfectly fit into these categories, spilling out and crashing into each other?  This summer, I went to India for my… Continue reading Across Worlds and Identities: The Spaces in Between

(In)Visible Disabilities and Women Resources Round-up

A resource round-up provided by Women’s Center staff members Meagé and MJ In case you missed Tuesday’s roundtable on (In)Visible Disabilities and Women (or if you were there and want to keep the conversation going), we thought it might be useful to summarize some of the discussion in addition to linking some useful reading materials and resources. As… Continue reading (In)Visible Disabilities and Women Resources Round-up

More Than a Band-Aid: LGBTQ Health Inequity

A reflection by Shira Devorah, Women's Center Student Staff  Going to the doctor is never fun; most people dread pesky checkups getting in the way of their day. While medical appointments can feel like a nuisance to some, for many people in the LGBTQ community, just seeing a doctor can be dangerous. Saying that structural… Continue reading More Than a Band-Aid: LGBTQ Health Inequity

You Are Valid: Women Students with Mental Illness

 by Shira Devorah, student staff at the Women's Center (she/her)  Every student has their personal struggles that make being in college difficult - responsibilities and personal needs to attend to while also working towards a degree. Like many other students, I also face mental illness on top of every other responsibility. I struggle with major… Continue reading You Are Valid: Women Students with Mental Illness