After Pittsburgh: Hate Crimes, Gun Violence, and Toxic Masculinity

Truth be told, I’ve been avoiding writing about the tragedy in Pittsburgh. I didn’t want to read any of the numerous articles that were shared, I didn’t want to engage with the flood of posts on social media, and I didn’t want to talk. Except it’s more than not wanting to do any of those… Continue reading After Pittsburgh: Hate Crimes, Gun Violence, and Toxic Masculinity

Revisiting Male Privilege

A Women's Center Blog post and reflection by student staff member Daniel On September 22, 2014, I published my first Women’s Center blog post, titled “Male Privilege in Women’s Spaces.”  In it I shared my anxieties about joining the Women’s Center staff and reflected on my male privilege. I thought about what my role or… Continue reading Revisiting Male Privilege

We Hosted an Event About Masculinity and Sexual Assault and Nobody Came

 A blog post and reflection by staff member Daniel Willey The following post contains mentions of rape and sexual assault. Hyperlinks marked with * indicate that the article contains detailed accounts of assault in some form. This past April during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Women’s Center hosted an program called “What About the Men?” The… Continue reading We Hosted an Event About Masculinity and Sexual Assault and Nobody Came

Where My Inclusive Dawgs At? — A reflection on American sports culture.

A blog reflection written by Women's Center staff member Kayla Smith.  Society tells us that women are too sensitive. We’re crazy emotional creatures who are fragile and people need to tiptoe around us and our sensitive flower petal feelings. Because of this stereotype, I spend a lot of time unpacking my issues with certain comments,… Continue reading Where My Inclusive Dawgs At? — A reflection on American sports culture.

Male Privilege in Women’s Spaces

When I was asked if I would be interested in joining the Women’s Center staff, my first reaction was, “HELL YES.” The Women’s Center had very quickly become my favorite place on campus, and I was excited to jump on the opportunity to be a part of something that had been such a positive addition… Continue reading Male Privilege in Women’s Spaces

Rebuilding Manhood to Reduce Sexual Assault

Rebuilding Manhood, the weekly discussion group for male-identified students at UMBC, focuses on a wide array of topics that relate to manhood and masculinity in our society.  The topic of sexual assault, and the role that rape culture plays in perpetuating sexual violence, is one such topic.  The issue of sexual violence is often framed… Continue reading Rebuilding Manhood to Reduce Sexual Assault

Beyond Man Up: My Brother and I

This morning, I was on a conference call gearing up for the upcoming Healthy Masculinity Campus Conversation event the Women’s Center is hosting on February 4th. I’ll be in the role as a co-facilitator and as a team we were processing through the most effective ways to be a successful facilitator. Over the course of… Continue reading Beyond Man Up: My Brother and I

Rebuilding Manhood: Yes, Masculinity is a Social Construction

As a man who has been involved with the fight for women's equality for almost fifteen years, I have never felt uncomfortable calling myself a feminist or critically examining the way that our systems of patriarchy have long created oppression for women, and how they continue to do so to this day. What was not as clear… Continue reading Rebuilding Manhood: Yes, Masculinity is a Social Construction