Healing My Community

 A reflection by Women's Center staff member Daniel Trigger warning for suicide mention; resources at the bottom of the post My community experienced a tragedy early this October, and the ripples from the impact are still cascading across campus and beyond. I woke up that morning to several messages from friends and coworkers telling me… Continue reading Healing My Community

“Twice as Good” On Being a Woman of Color and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism

A blog reflection written by Women’s Center student staff member Meagé Clements  Growing up, my mother would always remind my sister and I that we had to work twice as hard as everyone else because not only were we women, but we were Black women. Living in a society that has always had low expectations of… Continue reading “Twice as Good” On Being a Woman of Color and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism

Black Trauma + Mental Health Resources Round-Up

A resource round-up provided by Women’s Center staff member, Meagé Clements In case you missed yesterday’s roundtable on Black Trauma and Mental Health (or if you were there and want to keep the conversation going), I thought it might be useful to share some resources that have helped me, as a Black woman, deal with… Continue reading Black Trauma + Mental Health Resources Round-Up

You Are Valid: Women Students with Mental Illness

 by Shira Devorah, student staff at the Women's Center (she/her)  Every student has their personal struggles that make being in college difficult - responsibilities and personal needs to attend to while also working towards a degree. Like many other students, I also face mental illness on top of every other responsibility. I struggle with major… Continue reading You Are Valid: Women Students with Mental Illness

Making My Body a Brave Space And a Safe Place

A post written by Women's Center staff member, Daniel This year's Critical Social Justice Week's theme is Brave Spaces and as the week quickly approaches, I've been thinking more and more about not only what a Brave Space is but what it means to be a Brave Space. The center has been implementing what we call… Continue reading Making My Body a Brave Space And a Safe Place

Self-Care: How to Survive Finals Week (and Life in General)

Burnt-out. Stressed. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Tired. Worried. If you talk to any college student during the month of May and ask them how they’re feeling, you’re likely to hear one at least one of these adjectives. (Or perhaps it’s more likely that you already are a college student who knows these emotions very well.) With finals… Continue reading Self-Care: How to Survive Finals Week (and Life in General)