Take Back the Night, Forever and Always

the Take Back the Night stage featuring two microphones and decorated shirts

Amelia Meman (they/them and she/her), GWST '15, is the interim director of the Women's Center. They have worked in the Women's Center as an intern, a student staff member, a volunteer, and now professional staff member. This is a loving retrospective on Take Back the Night (TBTN), written in the third spring semester where UMBC… Continue reading Take Back the Night, Forever and Always

Trans Women in Women’s Spaces: A Reflection on the Transition of Privilege and Belonging

Autumn is a junior Meyerhoff Scholar (M29), pursuing a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Gender, Women and  Sexuality Studies dual degree, and currently a student intern at the Women’s Center. Content Note: The content of this blog may be triggering. Topics addressed by this blog include transphobia, menstruation, pregnancy, dysphoria, and gender-confirmation surgery.… Continue reading Trans Women in Women’s Spaces: A Reflection on the Transition of Privilege and Belonging

To the Food Police in My Life

  Samiksha Manjani is a Student Staff member at UMBC’s Women’s Center. She is a Political Science and Sociology double-major graduating in May 2019.       Eating around other people has become the bane of my existence. I don’t remember the last time I’ve eaten in peace without the “food police” (family, friends, strangers, etc)… Continue reading To the Food Police in My Life

B-I-N-G-O spells SCOUT…with the Women’s Center

Last semester we launched everybody's fave, the Women's Center Scouts! And it was really, really popular. Like really popular and if you missed out you're probably feeling a little sad right now. Well, don't be because we're rolling out the Women's Center Scouts Spring Challenge! BINGO!!!! We still have the Women's Center Scouts, but this semester… Continue reading B-I-N-G-O spells SCOUT…with the Women’s Center

Announcing the Women’s Center Scouts!

Girl Scouts. Radical Monarchs. Lumberjanes. Pawnee Goddess. And now… Women’s Center Scouts! Time and time again, Women’s Center staff get the question, “How do you join the Women’s Center?” Our response is “Easy! Come and hang out in our lounge! Come to events. You don’t have to join.” To which we get an “Oh. Okay.”… Continue reading Announcing the Women’s Center Scouts!

Bodily boundaries or how the world told me I hated affection

A blog written by student staff member Sydney about her journey with understanding bodily boundaries, consent, and the perpetuation of rape culture in society. Including tips about consent in daily life and resources to stay informed and about how to talk to kids and other adults about the issue.   If you would have asked… Continue reading Bodily boundaries or how the world told me I hated affection

What You Need To Need Know: Take Back The Night & the Survivor Speak-Out 2018

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and the Women’s Center is hosting its 5th consecutive Take Back The Night (TBTN) on Thursday, April 13th. Over the years, we’ve had a lot of questions about what Take Back the Night exactly is, why it looks the way it does, and how students can get involved. To […]

Feminist Friendships

Program coordinator Amelia Meman reminisces about her feminist friendships and analyzes how these relationships foster empowerment and powerful networks. This Women’s History Month, the Women’s Center was inspired by feminism’s legacy of collective action. While feminism is very much based in the personal and individual, it is also a movement built through the camaraderie, collective… Continue reading Feminist Friendships