Just let me play my sport: A transgender perspective on the recent transgender sport bans

Ultimate team posing for photo on a jungle gym. The team's jerseys are blue and yellow.

Autumn Cook (they/them) is a senior dual degree recipient in Chemistry and Gender, Women's, + Sexuality Studies. They are a member of the Women's Center staff team and co-facilitate the Spectrum discussion group which is a space for trans and non-binary community members. We are in the midst of one of the most ruthless and… Continue reading Just let me play my sport: A transgender perspective on the recent transgender sport bans

Whats your queer click moment?

Maybe you've heard of a feminist click moment, but do you remember what your queer click moment was? Kayla Smith, Women's Center student staff member, collected queer click moment stories for the blog. Thanks to those who contributed! That moment when the lightbulb went off in your head and a little (or loud) voice said "Holy… Continue reading Whats your queer click moment?

Queer (De)Coded, a Roundtable Roundup

The Women’s Center’s Roundtable series is underway! On October 20th, we hosted the second of our three-part roundtable “Our Bodies, Ourselves” series. Queer (De)Coded focused on women and queer coding, deconstructing how women and femme individuals utilize and present their bodies in order to appear more or less queer. Queer coding is when individuals hint… Continue reading Queer (De)Coded, a Roundtable Roundup

Queering Your Queue

 A short reflection by student staff member Shira Devorah ( She/Her or They/Them)  I really love queer media. I've probably watched most of the movies in the "Gay and Lesbian" category on Netflix, as long as they didn't look too dull or exploitative. There are some really fantastic and challenging shows and movies available at… Continue reading Queering Your Queue

More Than a Band-Aid: LGBTQ Health Inequity

A reflection by Shira Devorah, Women's Center Student Staff  Going to the doctor is never fun; most people dread pesky checkups getting in the way of their day. While medical appointments can feel like a nuisance to some, for many people in the LGBTQ community, just seeing a doctor can be dangerous. Saying that structural… Continue reading More Than a Band-Aid: LGBTQ Health Inequity