Whats your queer click moment?

Maybe you've heard of a feminist click moment, but do you remember what your queer click moment was? Kayla Smith, Women's Center student staff member, collected queer click moment stories for the blog. Thanks to those who contributed! That moment when the lightbulb went off in your head and a little (or loud) voice said "Holy… Continue reading Whats your queer click moment?

A Call to Prayer: My Return to the Muslim Community

A reflection written by Women’s Center staff member, MJ Jalloh Jamboria The following is a little of my experience as a queer Muslim person. I recognize that my experience is not reflective of Islam, nor of the community of people I met at the Interfaith Center. For the first time since last Eid al-Fitr, a… Continue reading A Call to Prayer: My Return to the Muslim Community