On Self Love and Testosterone

Halloween was this Friday (as if you didn’t already know that-- I know, I’m still recovering from my candy coma, too) and I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection on the past year. Most people do their reflecting in January at the start of the new year, but Halloween is my “new year.” I… Continue reading On Self Love and Testosterone

Self-Care: How to Survive Finals Week (and Life in General)

Burnt-out. Stressed. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Tired. Worried. If you talk to any college student during the month of May and ask them how they’re feeling, you’re likely to hear one at least one of these adjectives. (Or perhaps it’s more likely that you already are a college student who knows these emotions very well.) With finals… Continue reading Self-Care: How to Survive Finals Week (and Life in General)