My Personal Experience with Being Adopted

Image description: [Photo shows Rachael dressed in black attire, one of the Women's Center interns, smiling in front of one of the UMBC buildings.] Content Note: This post is written by Rachael Joslow, a second-year and student staff at the Women’s Center. I am a transracial adoptee adopted from Vietnam who grew up in Georgia… Continue reading My Personal Experience with Being Adopted

Women’s Center Student Staff 2017-2018

We are excited to introduce the new Women's Center 2017-18 team! In no particular order . . . Harini Narayan, student staff/Honors College Intern (she/her) My name is Harini Narayan and I'm a freshman in my second semester at UMBC. My majors are Global Studies and Political Science, with a minor in Public Policy. Social justice… Continue reading Women’s Center Student Staff 2017-2018

Meet the 2016-17 Women’s Center Student Staff!

Get to know this year's team of student staff and interns! Mariana De Matos Medeiros (she/her), Student Intern  Hi! My name is Mariana de Matos Medeiros and I am studying Psychology and Gender and Women’s Studies, centering my studies on sexual violence prevention. After my time at UMBC, I hope to find a career in advocacy… Continue reading Meet the 2016-17 Women’s Center Student Staff!

Meet the Spring 2016 Women’s Center Staff!

Get to know the Women's Center's Spring 2016 staff -- including our newest student staff member, Shira! Shira Devorah (she/her) Hi, my name is Shira Devorah. I’m a Gender and Women’s Studies and Psychology double major in my junior year here at UMBC. I’m planning on spending a lot more time in school in order to… Continue reading Meet the Spring 2016 Women’s Center Staff!

A Winter Leisure Reading Book Report

A winter lesisure book report compiled by Women's Center Director, Jess Myers The winter term is wrapping up and the “spring” semester (and winter storm Jonas) is right around the corner. I’m already mourning what I know will soon be the inevitable dry season of leisure reading which will be replaced by amazing Women's Center… Continue reading A Winter Leisure Reading Book Report

Women are Funny (too)

First, let's start off with saying that the Women's Center is stoked about Hannibal Buress making his way to campus this weekend for Homecoming. We very much enjoy his character, Lincoln, on Broad City. More importantly, he called out the rape allegations against Bill Cosby in his stand-up routine back when very few others were because it… Continue reading Women are Funny (too)

Meet the 2015-16 Women’s Center Staff!

Get to know the Women's Center's new team of staff and interns! Meagé Clements (she/her) Hi! My name is Meagé, and I am a new staff member in the Women’s Center. I am currently a senior studying Psychology and Social Work, as well as a member of UMBC’s Honors College. I am a social work intern… Continue reading Meet the 2015-16 Women’s Center Staff!

Women’s Center 4EVER: Reflections on My Last Day as Women’s Center Staff

Few college graduates can claim to have had the experience my fellow staff and I have shared while with the Women’s Center. Our jobs have been many things: one part employee, one part student, one part teacher, one part social justice programmer, one part artist, one part writer, one part friend, one part killjoy. I… Continue reading Women’s Center 4EVER: Reflections on My Last Day as Women’s Center Staff