Women’s Center 25 Then vs. Now #4: Marketing and Publicizing Who We Are

WC 25 Logo - PurpleThe Women’s Center at UMBC turns 25 this year! We’re excited to share our important milestone with UMBC’s 50th Anniversary and will be celebrating throughout the year with the rest of campus! We were inspired by Special Collections archival project Archives Gold: 50 Objects for UMBC’s 50th and decided to do our own digging into the Women’s Center archives. Over the course of the year, we’ll be sharing 25 “Then vs Now” archives to celebrate the origin and evolution of the Women’s Center at UMBC.

This week we’re featuring the marketing and publicity the Women’s Center has created and shared with the UMBC community over the past several years. 

Before smart phones and Snapchat, there were actual hard copy brochures and flyers (pre-PhotoShop) to help spread the word about the Women’s Center. Here’s some examples!


And, before MailChimp there were newsletters printed on actual paper and then ones made on Publisher and emailed to a list-serv.

Today, the Women’s Center still has a brochure and prints flyers but we really shine on our social media platforms. That’s where every one is anyways right? So be sure to like us on Facebook, tweet us at on Twitter, follow us on Instagram, and catch our snaps on Snapchat (@womencenterumbc). You already found our blog so be sure to subscribe! And, of course, there’s our myUMBC group.

brochure today.PNG

One side of the current Women’s Center brochure.


Have you followed us on SnapChat yet?!

What are the memories you have of the Women’s Center over the years that are meaningful to you? What does the Women’s Center mean to you today? Share your memories and pictures with us in the comment section below!

Stay up-to-date with our 25th anniversary on social media using #UMBCWC25. Share your Women’s Center experiences and memories with the UMBC community using #UMBCWC25 AND #UMBC50!

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