Slaying on the Weekly


A weekly round-up curated by Women’s Center staff member, Michael Jalloh Jamboria

In the spirit of my friend, who gave us the glorious name ‘Slaying on the Weekly’, every week I will be bringing you some interesting, funny or thought-provoking content from the internet! Be sure to join us next week for more and continue to slay!


Courtesy:, @adamrhew

 This week’s news:

This week I will be focusing on the protest surrounding the death of Keith Lamont Scott. Anti-police brutality protests have started in cities all over the country, the loudest taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is now in a state of emergency.

I also just read this important and powerful post by fellow UMBC Retriever, Vanessa… please read it and consider the ways in which Black Issues Are Retriever Issues. 

Equally important, I want to make sure we are all taking care of ourselves. Engage in whatever self-care practices make you feel the best. Express and allow yourself to feel the emotions you have!

Finally, the Women’s Center and the Mosaic Center will be holding a community safe space on Tuesday 9/27. Meet in the Mosaic. Affected communities and allies are encouraged to come!

Until next week!


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