Being Queer Online Now and Then

My own personal digital journey through queerness was facilitated by my deep love of Sailor Moon, about which I collaborated on fanfiction with queer themes, where I explored my understanding of what queer love might be like in conversation with other fans of the show.

RVAM: Self-Guided Learning Week 1 (Oct 6)

Relationship Violence Awareness Month (RVAM) brings people together to create and generate discussion and skill-building on how to prevent relationship violence in our schools, workplaces, and communities, Since most of our campus remains learning and working remotely, we won’t be able to physically come together this October to do this critical work in person… but… Continue reading RVAM: Self-Guided Learning Week 1 (Oct 6)

Parental Guidance Necessary: Gender Equity in Parental Leave

  Alexia Petasis is a student staff member at the Women’s Center. Alexia is pursuing an individualized studies degree with a concentration on social justice and dance. She is a co-facilitator for Pop-Culture Pop-Ups. Originally with this blog I wanted to to explore the ways in which the gender wage gap could be mitigated by giving… Continue reading Parental Guidance Necessary: Gender Equity in Parental Leave

Breaking News! A Girl Likes Sports

  Shrijana is a Student Staff Member at the Women's Center. She is a co-facilitator of Women of Color Coalition and leading the Telling Our Stories Project.      Growing up in a family who used to stay up until 4 AM watching football (soccer), I can say with true honesty that passion for this… Continue reading Breaking News! A Girl Likes Sports

To the Food Police in My Life

  Samiksha Manjani is a Student Staff member at UMBC’s Women’s Center. She is a Political Science and Sociology double-major graduating in May 2019.       Eating around other people has become the bane of my existence. I don’t remember the last time I’ve eaten in peace without the “food police” (family, friends, strangers, etc)… Continue reading To the Food Police in My Life

Self Care: An Activists Survival Guide

Alexia Petasis is an INDS intern on the Women's Center student staff team. Alexia studies social justice and dance. In the following blog post, she runs through a list of crucial self-care survival strategies for activists.  Every week, the Women’s Center asks a “question of the week” available for anyone to respond to. One week… Continue reading Self Care: An Activists Survival Guide

The Character that Never Left Me

  Shrijana Khanal is a Student Staff member at the Women's Center. She is an Economics major with minors in Computer Science and International Relations. Shrijana is a co-facilitator of Pop Culture Pop-Ups at the Women's Center.      As my fingers traced the glazed, gold-plated title of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for… Continue reading The Character that Never Left Me