So, your fave has been accused of sexual assault.

 Kaitlyn Kylus (She/Her) Kaitlyn is a senior Social Work major and is a student staff member at the Women’s Center Content Warning: Sexual Assault  A note on the word survivor: I will be using the words “survivor”, “victim”, and “accuser” interchangeably in this post. It is always up to the person affected to decide how… Continue reading So, your fave has been accused of sexual assault.

Face the Faceless

Content warning for sexual assault. Morgan is a senior here at UMBC pursuing a BA in Media and Communications major with minors in English and Cinematic Arts. If she’s not working at the Women’s Center you can find her watching Ghost Shark (2013) with her friends.  You know who Brock Turner is.  In January 2015,… Continue reading Face the Faceless

When Work Becomes a War Zone

This year, I became one of the many women who leave their jobs because of sexual harassment. I always knew it was something that happened; I just didn't think it would happen to me. I’m not alone; reports have found that 60% of women say they experience "unwanted sexual attention, sexual coercion, sexually crude conduct,… Continue reading When Work Becomes a War Zone

Honoring stories/Consuming tragedy: Covering Take Back The Night as a photographer

Amelia Meman, '15, is the program coordinator in the Women's Center. She has worked in the Women's Center as an intern, a student staff member, a volunteer, a part-time coordinator, and now as a full-time staff member. Throughout this tenure, Amelia has attended every Take Back the Night (and is looking forward to attending many… Continue reading Honoring stories/Consuming tragedy: Covering Take Back The Night as a photographer

Survivorship Looks Different in the Asian American Community

  Samiksha Manjani is a Student Staff member at UMBC's Women’s Center. She is a Political Science and Sociology double-major and is currently a co-facilitator of the Women’s Center’s discussion group, Women of Color Coalition.       As a survivor of sexual violence, I have found myself re-traumatized by the recent events that have happened… Continue reading Survivorship Looks Different in the Asian American Community

Supporting Survivors: Yoo-Jin Kang

We see you. We believe you. You matter. Today is our Black & Gold Rush! The Women’s Center has meant a lot to many alumni and we are lucky to have their support for this season’s fundraising campaign. For this Black and Gold Rush, we were lucky to have time with former (and current) community… Continue reading Supporting Survivors: Yoo-Jin Kang