A Reading Opportunity

Content Note: This post is authored by Jess, the director of the Women's Center. I am a white cisgender queer woman. This post is a reflection about my reading list which is informed by my race, gender, and sexual orientation. Upon reading this, the reading opportunity that presents itself to you may look differently than… Continue reading A Reading Opportunity

Reading Redefining Realness

  A short book reflection by Shira Devorah  Just a few moments ago I finished Janet Mock's memoir, Redefining Realness, My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More. I'm still stunned. I'm not much of a memoir reader, but I'm pretty sure this book has changed that. Thanks to a generous donation from… Continue reading Reading Redefining Realness

A Summer Reading List Challenge

 A list by student staff member, Shira Devorah  Summer is here, which means I finally have time to do some leisure reading!  While I've been known to indulge in guilty pleasure novels, I know that there are a lot of amazing feminist books out there that I haven't taken the time to read yet. This… Continue reading A Summer Reading List Challenge

Speak: Knowing a Survivor Without Knowing Their Story

A post written by Women's Center Director,  Jess Myers *Content Note: Sexual Violence* 44% of victims of sexual violence are under age 18 Approximately 4/5 of rapes were committed by someone known to the victim. Sexual assault is one of the most under reported crimes, with 68% still being left unreported. Victims of sexual assault… Continue reading Speak: Knowing a Survivor Without Knowing Their Story

A Winter Leisure Reading Book Report

A winter lesisure book report compiled by Women's Center Director, Jess Myers The winter term is wrapping up and the “spring” semester (and winter storm Jonas) is right around the corner. I’m already mourning what I know will soon be the inevitable dry season of leisure reading which will be replaced by amazing Women's Center… Continue reading A Winter Leisure Reading Book Report