Anti-Trans Bills

Positionality Statement: This post is written by Marybeth Mareski, a Returning Women’s Scholar and social work intern at the Women’s Center in her final year at UMBC. I am a gender nonconforming lesbian in the queer and trans community, and I am in social work school with the professional goal of providing therapy to primarily… Continue reading Anti-Trans Bills

Diet Culture v. The Cultural Diet

Image description: A formal headshot of the author. Positionality Statement: This post is written by Ojuswani Phogat, a second-year student at UMBC and a student-staff member at the Women’s Center.  I am a South Asian American woman who has felt the persistent effects of diet culture first-hand. In writing this blog, I hope to identify… Continue reading Diet Culture v. The Cultural Diet

My Experience as an Undergrad Adult Learner During the Pandemic

This post is written by Sandra (She/Her/Ella pronouns). She is a student staff member and a social work intern completing her field placement at the Women’s Center. Content Note: This blog post will discuss my personal experience as an adult learner student before and during the current pandemic. The content and images shared may not… Continue reading My Experience as an Undergrad Adult Learner During the Pandemic

Burnt out? Me too.

Amelia Meman, GWST '15, is the Assistant Director of the Women's Center. Amelia uses they/them and she/her pronouns. Burnt out? Me too. This is not a new feeling for me. I have gotten to this same point during other parts of my academic and now professional career. This apex where I thought that if I… Continue reading Burnt out? Me too.

Land recognition & decolonizing UMBC

This blogpost was a collaborative effort between all members of the Women's Center staff team. A majority of this post was written by student staff members. Today is Indigenous People’s Day. Some may continue to claim this as “Columbus Day” but to celebrate Columbus is to celebrate colonialism, mass genocide, racism, and the (both historic… Continue reading Land recognition & decolonizing UMBC

Learning to be anti-racist: Calling IN white people and non-Black people of color

Text reads Black Lives Matter in large black lettering on black and white background.

That’s why I’m writing this. Because the burden we are placing on Black folks in all a manner of places right now, needs to be lifted. It is crucial that we center Black voices and words and prioritize creating and maintaining safe spaces for Black-identified people to feel.

Intro to Hoodoo

Nandi is a Junior English Major and a student staff member in the Women's Center. Content Note: This blog is written from an African-American woman’s experience and somewhat limited knowledge of the subject. Hoodoo is an African American folk magic tradition that is based in West African religious beliefs and practices. Much of the history… Continue reading Intro to Hoodoo