My Personal Experience with Being Adopted

Image description: [Photo shows Rachael dressed in black attire, one of the Women's Center interns, smiling in front of one of the UMBC buildings.] Content Note: This post is written by Rachael Joslow, a second-year and student staff at the Women’s Center. I am a transracial adoptee adopted from Vietnam who grew up in Georgia… Continue reading My Personal Experience with Being Adopted

Diet Culture v. The Cultural Diet

Image description: A formal headshot of the author. Positionality Statement: This post is written by Ojus Phogat, a second-year student at UMBC and a student-staff member at the Women’s Center.  I am a South Asian American woman who has felt the persistent effects of diet culture first-hand. In writing this blog, I hope to identify… Continue reading Diet Culture v. The Cultural Diet

Saree not Sorry!

  Shrijana is a Student Staff Member at the Women’s Center. She is a co-facilitator of Women of Color Coalition and co-leading the Telling Our Stories Project.      Before starting my statistics class this semester, I was feeling apprehensive due to the fact that I’ve never taken a statistics course before, not even in… Continue reading Saree not Sorry!

Survivorship Looks Different in the Asian American Community

  Samiksha Manjani is a Student Staff member at UMBC's Women’s Center. She is a Political Science and Sociology double-major and is currently a co-facilitator of the Women’s Center’s discussion group, Women of Color Coalition.       As a survivor of sexual violence, I have found myself re-traumatized by the recent events that have happened… Continue reading Survivorship Looks Different in the Asian American Community

Stop Wearing My Clothes

   Educating yourself and being yourself: the dangers of cultural appropriation by Harini, a student intern.  I was the only brown kid at my school until ninth grade. Growing up in a town I once described as “never realized the Union won the Civil War,” it was no surprise that all my friends were white.… Continue reading Stop Wearing My Clothes

Who Gets to be a Superhero? Representation and Comic Books

Women's Center student staff member Prachi reflects on her lifelong hobby of reading comic books and how inclusive comic books as well as how inclusive their industry has been for women, particularly women of color.  I have been a superhero comic book fan, on and off, for about 13 years - beginning with checking out Spider-Man… Continue reading Who Gets to be a Superhero? Representation and Comic Books

Across Worlds and Identities: The Spaces in Between

A reflection by Women's Center staff member Prachi Kochar on identity and "fitting in". How do we navigate identities that can fit into multiple categories of nationality, ability, race, etc. at once? Or identities that do not perfectly fit into these categories, spilling out and crashing into each other?  This summer, I went to India for my… Continue reading Across Worlds and Identities: The Spaces in Between

Wish I could be [seen] in your world

A reflection written my staff member, Yoo-Jin Kang  As an Asian-American woman, I’ve always struggled with finding people who look like me in the larger media. You see, May is Asian Pacific Islander month, and regrettably, I am not sure who I can expect to be featured during this month because I am so unfamiliar… Continue reading Wish I could be [seen] in your world