Learning to be anti-racist: Calling IN white people and non-Black people of color

Text reads Black Lives Matter in large black lettering on black and white background.

That’s why I’m writing this. Because the burden we are placing on Black folks in all a manner of places right now, needs to be lifted. It is crucial that we center Black voices and words and prioritize creating and maintaining safe spaces for Black-identified people to feel.

Another Women’s Center Director Confession: On Trolls and Harassment

Every once in a while on Facebook, I'll post a "Women's Center Director Confession" as a nod to truth, vulnerability, and my acknowledgement that I am always growing and learning when it comes to gender, gender equity, women's issues and beyond. This confession needed more space than was Facebook-appropriate so I'm taking to the blog to write this… Continue reading Another Women’s Center Director Confession: On Trolls and Harassment