A Mother’s Day Shout Out (Plus Some Action Items)

This post was written by Women's Center director, Jess Myers as a tribute to our UMBC moms. Special thanks to the moms who provided photos to help curate our Women's Center moms collage. Wishing happy thoughts to all our UMBC moms in your first and hopefully last quarantined Mother's Day!  Self-Care Content Note: There’s lots… Continue reading A Mother’s Day Shout Out (Plus Some Action Items)

Honoring our graduating UMBC moms, parents, and returning students

With Mother's Day still in the air and with UMBC's 50th Commencement quickly approaching, the Women's Center is reflecting with immense pride on all of the UMBC mothers and parents who have passed through our doors, used our services, and who have walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. Our moms and parents, whether they… Continue reading Honoring our graduating UMBC moms, parents, and returning students

A Feminist, Who Knew?

A post written by Women's Center student staff member, Carrie Cleveland I have never been one to label myself a feminist. I think it is because what comes into my mind when I think of feminism is the 1960s - 1970s pop culture version where women were marching in the street and burning their bras… Continue reading A Feminist, Who Knew?

Working Mom: A New Adventure

A blog reflection written by Women's Center student staff member, Carrie Cleveland For the past ten years I have not had a paying job.  For the past ten years I have been home raising children.  For the past ten years my boss (or bosses) were little people who required me to tend to their every need. That is not… Continue reading Working Mom: A New Adventure