Burnt out? Me too.

Amelia Meman, GWST '15, is the Assistant Director of the Women's Center. Amelia uses they/them and she/her pronouns. Burnt out? Me too. This is not a new feeling for me. I have gotten to this same point during other parts of my academic and now professional career. This apex where I thought that if I… Continue reading Burnt out? Me too.

‘Pandemic: New Horizons’ or How Animal Crossing and Other Games Offer Comfort in Chaos

Kaitlyn is a junior Social Work major and is a student staff member at the Women's Center. Are you feeling isolated? Lonely? Lost in a chaotic world that doesn't make sense anymore? Me too! At a time where we feel more out of control than ever, video games are something that I know many of… Continue reading ‘Pandemic: New Horizons’ or How Animal Crossing and Other Games Offer Comfort in Chaos

Things They Didn’t Tell Us: Recovering From Microaggressions

This post is written by Kay Hinderlie, a student staff at the Women's Center. Kay is a senior at UMBC, majoring in psychology. Imagine it’s the first day of your semester. After locating your class, you find a seat and reach into your backpack for your class materials. You check to make sure your phone… Continue reading Things They Didn’t Tell Us: Recovering From Microaggressions

Nonbinary in the Classroom

This post is written by Sam Hertl (they/them pronouns), a social work intern completing their field placement in the Women's Center. *Trigger warning* There are heavy topics mentioned such as the rate of violence against trans lives, suicide, and mental health issues. Please read with caution.  Can I just say that living in a society… Continue reading Nonbinary in the Classroom

When Work Becomes a War Zone

This year, I became one of the many women who leave their jobs because of sexual harassment. I always knew it was something that happened; I just didn't think it would happen to me. I’m not alone; reports have found that 60% of women say they experience "unwanted sexual attention, sexual coercion, sexually crude conduct,… Continue reading When Work Becomes a War Zone

No, You’re Not “So OCD”

 Harini is a student staff member at the Women's Center and is also the co-facilitator of Between Women.   You have entered a chat with: Friend 1 message from: Friend Did you hear what happened in class today?   1 message to: Friend Yes! That girl just had a complete breakdown during her final, I… Continue reading No, You’re Not “So OCD”

Self Care: An Activists Survival Guide

Alexia Petasis is an INDS intern on the Women's Center student staff team. Alexia studies social justice and dance. In the following blog post, she runs through a list of crucial self-care survival strategies for activists.  Every week, the Women’s Center asks a “question of the week” available for anyone to respond to. One week… Continue reading Self Care: An Activists Survival Guide

Finding Community & Fostering It

A reflection from student staff member, Sheila, about why finding and fostering community is important on a college campus. What does perfect community look like? Let’s be honest. We might never reach anything close to perfect. But I do wonder, what can we do to continually create and build better community? Something that is always… Continue reading Finding Community & Fostering It

Let’s hear that one more time…

    A reflection from student intern, Sheila, about the subtle moments of life, both good and bad.    A little while ago I asked someone for their life story. This is a random thing I do whenever someone new starts working at my restaurant (#serverlife), to see if they can stay on their toes.… Continue reading Let’s hear that one more time…

Balancing School, Anxiety and Activism in Tumultuous Times

   a short reflection by Shira Devorah, Women's Center student staff member This semester has only just begun, and I’m already feeling pretty anxious. Granted, I’m usually pretty anxious - but this feels different. If you’ve been following the news recently, you may understand. For many marginalized groups, it’s hard to feel stable right now.… Continue reading Balancing School, Anxiety and Activism in Tumultuous Times